3 Ways to Create Ambiance in Your New Home

  • Why lighting an important part of creating ambiance
  • The top 3 ways to create ambiance in your home
  • Try turning off some lights, and leaving  others on
  • Try out different lightbulbs
  • Add style to your lighting by installing a dimmer
  • Where to install a dimmer for optimal lighting

You’ve bought a home. Congratulations! Now you get to make your space your own. 

Buying a new house is truly an exciting moment in life. You have a new space to call your own, and the possibilities are endless. Finally, it’s time to turn your new house into a place that feels like your home. 

Making your new place feel “homey” starts with focusing on the little details, that together, create a stylish ambiance that reflects the personality of you, and your family.

These details can include changing the color of your walls, adding layers of textures with home decor, and establishing the right lighting for each room. As a homeowner, you have the opportunity to change whatever you want.

The Importance of Lighting in Your New Home

Lighting brings a room to life. A room that is poorly lit may look small, dark, and cramped. On the other hand, a room with proper lighting will feel warm and inviting…

There are so many ways to play around with the lighting in your home, personalizing the look and feel of your space. 

Here are the three most common ways new homeowners can use lighting to add style and ambiance to their space. 

3 Ways to Create Ambiance with Lighting

Turn Off Some Lights, Turn On Others

This is most people’s go-to. When the main kitchen lights are too bright, it’s easy to just turn off the overhead light and turn on lights that are less harsh, like cabinet lighting. In the living room, many homeowners use lamps to set the mood. These are known as “quick fixes,” and people have been doing this forever. 

The problem with this method is: it isn’t personalized. When you turn off some lights and turn on others, you’re working within the limitations of your home, and for some people, it can be tricky  to find the right balance. You may find yourself asking, Where should this lamp go? Do I even have a plug over there? It’s clearly not the most effective way to establish the vibe you are going for.

Keep in mind it can also be costly to purchase extra lamps just for the sake of mood lighting. A standard, nice lamp from your local home goods store can cost more than you’re looking to spend. You will probably find yourself needing multiple lamps in multiple rooms if “mood lighting” is your goal. 

Change the Lightbulbs

In some cases, changing the lightbulbs is the way to go. If you have a lightbulb that is too intense, switching it out for one that has fewer lumens can easily change the way a room feels. Same goes with light hue—you can take your home from a blue, clinical feel to a warm, softer shine.

The issue with this solution is how permanent it is. Once you switch-in a new light bulb, you’re stuck to the new setup (unless you just like to keep spare light bulbs in your junk drawer). 

Install a Dimmer

Dimmers have existed for decades because they do a simple job well. They take the light in a room and let you change the intensity with a simple touch. You’ve probably used many dimmers in your lifetime—you know how they work. You can adjust the level of light in each room anytime and finally create that ambiance you’ve been aiming for, with ease. 

As lighting experts, we don’t think you need a dimmer in every room of your house. However, there are 3 spaces where you should consider installing one:

  • Living Room — Whether you want brighter lights while reading or softer lighting as you  entertain guests around a fireplace, you can adjust your lights to set the mood, no matter the occasion. 
  • Kitchen — Our customers often put two dimmers in their kitchens: one for controlling the recessed lighting, and another for the cabinet lighting. In the evening, it’s much nicer to offset the brightness of those bright kitchen lights!
  • Bedroom — If any room should be cozy, it’s the bedroom. With standard light switches, you have two options: bright lights, or no lights. By installing a dimmer, you can read before bed without disturbing your partner, you can turn down your lights as you start a scary movie, and then brighten them back up if it gets to be too much. 


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