Deako Smart Lighting | Professional Channel Manager


Job Description

We’re looking for a superstar Professional Channel Manager to help Deako’s major customers and partners succeed in deploying Deako systems, primarily in the Southern USA. As a Professional Channel Manager, you will work with Installers, Electrical Contractors and builders to help them get up to speed in deploying our solution at scale.

What are we looking for?

Superstars only need apply! We want to win and have fun doing it, so we only hire the best and brightest.
You’ll have 5 years of electrical experience and a track record of success and growth in your career.
You love the idea of talking to new partners to better understand their needs and see how Deako can help.
You are familiar with smart home technology and have had exposure to the industry in some fashion.
You're a highly motivated, driven, self-starting individual who knows how to hit the ground running.

Why Deako?

Deako, a Bloomberg top 50 Global Startup, is committed to making smart lighting accessible to the rest of us.
Why do we have to run around our homes to turn off all the lights when we leave? Why do we have to get up out of bed to turn off lights we forgot? Why do we have to come home to a dark house? Why can’t we have our home match our mood, or ask our house to respond to us using our voice?
Until now, whole home smart lighting has been relegated to multi-million dollar homes, with complex installation, set-up, and support. It’s been confusing and way too costly for most of us to adopt.
Deako changes all that. We make affordable, powerful, yet simple smart lighting systems that enable you to control any light in your home from any switch, your phone, or your voice. They install like a regular light switches and set up is a snap with our iOS and Android Apps. Its patent-pending modular light switch enables homeowners to try out smart lighting in a few areas before committing to a whole home system and can click in an upgrade in seconds.
With tremendous response from its customers across the country, Deako is now looking for a motivated Channel Manager to help Deako scale.


You will be based at home office in Texas.