Deako Smart Lighting | Deako Mobile App

Deako Mobile App

Deako Mobile App

Control your lights from anywhere.

The Deako App gives your control over all your Deako Products all within your smartphone.


Movie time. Dinner time. Bedtime. Set the lighting for an entire room or home with a single touch or voice command.

app controlled lights

Remote Control

Program or control your lights within 100 feet of any switch over Bluetooth Mesh. Add the Deako Connect to access your system from anywhere in the world

light switch app


Set your lights to turn off automatically from 1 minute to 12 hours. Save electricity on bathroom fans or spaces that aren’t frequently used.

app controlled light switch
app controlled switch


Turn lights on, off or dim automatically any day or time of the week. Put your lights on a schedule while traveling to keep your home safe, or just always arrive home to a well lit up house.

app to turn on lights

Need some help? Check out our app tutorials or contact our support team.