Frequently asked questions


What is the Deako Bridge?

The Deako Bluetooth-to-Wifi bridge is a device you can plugin close to your router. It links your switches (which communicate to each other and the app through Bluetooth) with WiFi, adding many more features to your Deako Smart Lighting system. 

The Deako Bridge is necessary for these notable features:

  1. Connecting your switches to 3rd-Party systems like Amazon Alexa
  2. Automatic updates to your switches for improvements like new features
  3. Allowing Deako Support to take a closer look and help troubleshoot any unexpected behavior with your system

Why bluetooth mesh?

Using Bluetooth Mesh allows your Deako App to connect directly to your smart switches, without the need of a hub.


Bluetooth Mesh also offers low energy use and supports an extremely large number of switches on a network. Additionally, each switch repeats signals, allowing for excellent blanket coverage within a building. 

What types of things can I control with Deako switches?

Anything that can be controlled by a regular light switch! Dimmers should only be used on dimmable lights and only the Deako Simple Switch will support garbage disposals.

Can I replace my existing switches with Deako switches? I'm worried they won't fit.

Yes, they will fit. All switches being made for use in the US and Canada conform to a standardized height and width. In some tight spots where junction boxes may be only 2" deep, Deako switches can fit too.

I have two switches that control one set of lights, can Deako switches work here?

Yes, we support two or more switches controlling one set of lights. These are often called multi-way switches, also known as 3-way, 4-way switches, or Two-Pole switches.

I have multiple switches side-by-side can Deako switches work here?

Yes. When multiple switches are beside each other behind a single faceplate this is called a multi-gang box. We support 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-gang configurations.

I have a switch and an outlet beside each other but they share one faceplate? Can Deako switches work here?

Yes. We can support 1, 2 or 3 Deako switches plus 1 additional device that fits inside the common rectangular cut out (often called Decora, Decorator or Rocker). We offer faceplates and backplates that have the rectangular cut out on the right hand or left hand side.

Can I mix and match a Deako light switch with my existing toggle or rocker switches in the same junction box?

Our unique product design and modular approach supports combining decora with a switch for certain configurations. We recommend using a single-gang.

I have a light switch that turns on/off an outlet, can I use a Deako Switch for that?

Yes, our Simple Switch and Smart Switch can support this. Smart Dimmers are not compatible because a dimmer can harm some electronic devices.

Can I control more than one light from my light switch?

Yes. You can control any light that is connected to a Deako Smart Switch from any Deako Smart Switch in your house. 


Where can I buy Deako switches?

If you're located in the US or Canada, you can order directly through us. Click here to get started!

Can I buy your products outside of the US or Canada?

Not at this time. Our products are currently only certified for use in the US and Canada. We are excited to expand to new regions though so if you would like to be notified when we expand to your region, contact us today!

Can I buy one Deako Smart Switch and control all the lights in my house?

With Deako, you can control each set of lights that has a Deako Smart product installed. To control all the lights in your house, you would replace all of your light switches because each set of lights in your house are on individual circuits.

Do I have to change every light switch in my house to be a Deako switch?

No, you can mix and match Deako products with other products. To keep your whole home system affordable, we also offer the Deako Simple Switch. Our simple switch is great if you're not ready to fully invest in a whole-home smart lighting system yet, but want the option to easily upgrade later.

My light is controlled by two switches. Can I order one Smart Switch and one Simple Switch for this light?

No, Simple Switches do not have the hardware to communicate with Smart Switches and Smart Dimmers. For lights that are controlled by multiple switches, you can order multiple of the same type (ex. smart with smart).

I have Deako simple switches in my house. How do I upgrade to smart switches?

To upgrade, you may purchase Smart Switches and Smart Dimmers via the Deako Store. After purchasing, a team member will reach out to customize the order with your Deako profile.

Can I buy a Smart Dimmer to control my fan speed?

A dimmer is not recommended for a fan and does not currently offer the controls for fan speed. However, you can purchase a smart switch and utilize the timer and schedule features to turn the fan off and on.


Do the Deako switches require any special wiring?

No, we don't require any special wiring. We work off of the existing wires already in your house. Our smart products do require a neutral wire that is common in any home built in the US or Canada in the past 40 years, or has gone through a renovation in that time.

How do I install Deako switches?

You can have an electrician install your Deako switches using our Install Guide. A printed copy will be provided with your order.


Or, you can do it yourself if you feel comfortable. We have videos to help you:

Will your switches fit in the rectangular faceplate cut out I already have in my house?

Yes, our switches will fit in the same wall box (junction box) that you already have in your house. When you install Deako switches, they replace your existing switches and faceplates.

Is there a distance limit between switches?

Deako uses Bluetooth Mesh, a leading technology that enables us to get maximum wireless coverage within the home. We get about 300ft between each unobstructed switch, and each switch repeats the wireless signal. Construction materials such as metal can interfere with wireless signals, however in most residential applications this is not a problem for Deako's implementation.


Can I control my Deako switches with Amazon Alexa?

Yes. We support Amazon Alexa. You can turn on, off or dim a single light or a group of lights with your voice. You can also activate a scene. So, you can say phrases like "Alexa turn off the Outside Lights", "Alexa set the kitchen overhead lights to 20%" or "Alexa dim the TV Room lights by 50%".


For a quick quide to connecting Alexa with your Deako Smart Lighting system, check out our video.

Can I control my Deako switches with Google Home?

Yes, we integrate with Google Assistant for Google Home. Check out our video guide for setting up Google Assistant with your Deako Lighting System!

Do you work with Apple Homekit?

Not yet. Our hardware supports Apple Homekit but we haven't completed all the software and certification testing yet. An upcoming release is on our roadmap to update all existing products to include support for Apple Homekit.

What are scenes? How do they work?

With scenes, you can customize a set of lights to turn off, on, or dim on demand. Scenes are fully programmable by you. Some common scenes are "Goodnight" where all the lights turn off or "Dinner" where your lights get set for eating dinner.

What are schedules? How do they work?

With schedules, you can program any switch to turn on, off, or dim at preset times. A common use is to have your outside lights turn on in the evening and go off early in the morning. This is also great for having lights turned on when you aren't at home, making the house look like you are at home.

What are timers? How do they work?

Timers automatically turn the switch off after a set time limit. This is great for bathroom fans or areas of your home that you typically only use for a few minutes like hallways, closets, pantries, or bedrooms.

What standard colors do the switches come in?

All switches are available in white. We will be announcing the availability of other colors soon, stay tuned!