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Single Pole

  • Installation Overview
  • Install Deako Backplate
  • Plug in Deako Switch
  • Installation Complete

Installation Overview

This installation guide will walk you through installing a Deako Switch in a single-pole circuit.


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Turn off the power

Identify the appropriate circuit breaker at your panel and flip it to the off position.

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Strip existing wires

Strip the wires coming out of the wall to 3/8". Do not shorten the Deako Backplate wires.

Step 3 of 6

Trim yellow & blue wires

Using wire cutters, trim the yellow & blue wires so that they are flush to the plastic on the Deako Backplates.

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Connect wires

Using wire nuts, connect the wires as show in the diagram above

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Screw in Deako Backplate

  • a. Carefully manage wires into the junction box
  • b. Once backplate can be pressed flush to wall, screw the Deako Backplate into the junction box using included screws

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Turn the power on

Identify the appropriate circuit breaker at your panel and flip it to the on position.

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Plug in a Deako Switch

Install a Deako Switch (Deako Simple Switch, Smart Switch or Smart Dimmer) into the Deako Backplate.

  • a. Insert the switch into the Deako Backplate
  • b. Align the blue tab with the slot on the Deako Switch
  • c. While pressing the switch inwards, push in the blue tab

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Snap on Deako Faceplate

Install the Deako Faceplate by snapping it onto the backplate.

You're all done!

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