Deako Smart Lighting | Limited warranty

Limited warranty

A. LIMITED WARRANTY. Deako warrants that Products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year (or 6 months for factory refurbished products) from the date of delivery following the original retail purchase (the "Warranty Period"). If the Product fails to conform to this limited warranty during the Warranty Period, Deako will, at its sole discretion, either (A) repair or replace any defective Product or component; or (B) accept the return of the Product and refund the price actually paid by the original purchaser for the Product. Repair or replacement may be made with a new or refurbished product or components, at Deako's sole discretion. If the Product or a component incorporated within it is no longer available, Deako may replace the Product with a similar product of similar function, at Deako's sole discretion. This is your sole and exclusive remedy for breach of this Limited Warranty. Any Product that has either been repaired or replaced under this Limited Warranty will be covered by the terms of this Limited Warranty for the longer of 45 days from the date of delivery or the remaining Warranty Period. This Limited Warranty is transferable from the original purchaser to subsequent owners, but the Warranty Period will not be extended in duration or expanded in coverage for any such transfer.

B. EXCLUSIONS. This limited warranty does not cover the following Products (collectively "Ineligible Products"): Products marked as "sample" or sold "AS IS;" or Products that have been subject to: (A) modifications, alterations, tampering, or improper maintenance or repairs; (B) handling, storage, installation, testing, or use not in accordance with the User's Guide or other instructions provided by Deako; (C) abuse or misuse; (D) breakdowns, fluctuations, or interruptions in electric power or the telecommunications network; or (E) Acts of God, including lightning, flood, tornado, earthquake, or hurricane. This limited warranty does not cover consumable parts, including batteries, unless damage is due to defects in materials or workmanship of the Product, or software (even if packaged or sold with the product). Deako recommends that you use only authorized service providers for maintenance or repair. Unauthorized use of the Product or software can impair the Product's performance and may invalidate this limited warranty.

C. WARRANTY CONDITIONS; CLAIMS PROCESS. Before being able to claim under this limited warranty, the owner of the Product must (A) notify Deako of the intention to claim by during the Warranty Period and providing a description of the alleged Product failure, and (B) comply with Deako’s return shipping instructions (postage pre-paid). Deako will have no warranty obligations with respect to a returned Product if it determines, in its reasonable discretion after examination of the returned Product, that the Product is an Ineligible Product (defined above). Deako will bear all costs of return shipping to owner, except with respect to any Ineligible Product, for which owner will bear all shipping costs.

D. VARIATIONS THAT MAY APPLY TO THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so some of the exclusions and limitations set forth above may not apply to you. Nothing in this Section 3 will be interpreted as limiting an implied warranty which cannot under applicable law be limited in those jurisdictions. If you reside, or are otherwise subject to the laws in one of those jurisdictions, the limitations in this Section 3 may not apply to you. For a full description of your legal rights, you should refer to the laws applicable in your jurisdiction and you may wish to contact a relevant consumer advisory service.