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Plug-n-play any Deako switches to design a lighting experience perfectly customized to your home

Simple switches


Simple Dimmer

Smart switches


Smart Dimmer


Simple Dimmer

For your dining room, living room, family room, or any space where you want more control over the brightness of your lights.

Smart Dimmer

For spaces where you want control over the brightness of your lights, with the added ability to set scenes, timers, and schedules.


Simple Rocker Switch

A beautifully designed rocker switch for any room in the home. With Deako’s modular system, this is a sleek starting point in personal lighting design.

Smart Switch

Start by placing in your entry and common spaces to quickly light up your home upon arrival and grow from there.

Motion sensor

Simple Motion Sensor & Timer

For laundry rooms, pantries, and any other space not often occupied. You’ll be surprised where this switch comes in handy!

Scene controllers

Smart Scene Controller Switch

A touchscreen Smart Switch that gives you the capability to control three scenes right from the switch.


Deako App

Smart features

Movie time. Dinner time. Bedtime. Set your lighting with a single touch or voice command.

  • Create a "Goodnight" scene for when you're ready to wind-down.

Turn lights on, off, or set their dim level automatically any day or time of the week.

  • Create a schedule to help you wake up in the morning.

Save electricity by setting lights you don't use much to automatically turn off after an amount of time of your choosing.

  • Create timers for closets, bathrooms and other lights that you (or your loved ones) tend to forget to turn off.

Group your lights together to easily control entire rooms with a tap of the Deako App or a voice command.

  • Got a room with a lot of lights? Group them together in a zone to make your life a little easier.

Access your system from anywhere in the world with the Deako Connect.

  • Forget to turn off your lights on the way out? No problem! Turn them off remotely.
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Mix & match to fit your every need

Deako + Google Assistant

Deako + Amazon Alexa