Deako Smart Lighting | Multi-way Dimmer Upgrade

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Remove faceplates

Uninstall the Deako Faceplates from all switches in the circuit by pulling from both corners.

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Identify load location

In 3-way and 4-way circuits, the load is the switch closest to the load of the circuit (a light, fan, etc.).

Trouble identifying your line & load?

If you're unable to identify your line and load locations, see How to Identify Line & Load Locations

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Unplug the existing Deako Switches

  • a. Use your thumb and your index finger to pull the blue tab outwards
  • b. Pull the Deako Switch outwards

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Plug in Deako Smart Dimmer into the load

Install a Deako Smart Dimmer into the load location of the circuit.
  • a. Insert the switch into the Deako Backplate
  • b. Align the blue tab with the slot on the Deako Switch
  • c. While pressing the switch inwards, push in the blue tab

Deako Smart Dimmers must only be installed at the load location of the circuit

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Plug in Deako Smart Switches into the lines

Install a Deako Smart Switch into any of the line locations of the circuit (3-way circuits will have one line location, 4-way circuits will have two ore more).

Deako Smart Dimmers must only be installed at the load location of the circuit

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Replace the faceplates

Replace the Deako Faceplates by snapping them onto the backplates.

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3-way & 4-way linking

Deako Smart Switches and Smart Dimmers are single-pole by default. To change them into 3-way and 4-way switches, follow the instructions above.

If you would prefer written instructions, click here.


If a switch continues flashing for more than a minute, exit pairing mode by pressing and holding the switch for 6 seconds. Then, before retrying, factory reset each switch in the circuit. How do I factory reset a Deako Switch?

You're all done!

If you have installed Deako Smart Products, click below to learn more about the Deako App.

If you would prefer a PDF of the installation guide, click here to download it.