Deako Smart Lighting | Single-pole Upgrade

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Remove faceplate

Uninstall the Deako Faceplate by pulling from both corners.

Step 2 of 4

Unplug the existing Deako Switch

  • a. Use your thumb and your index finger to pull the blue tab outwards
  • b. Pull the Deako Switch outwards

Step 3 of 4

Plug in your new Deako Switch

Install your new Deako Switch into the Deako Backplate.
  • a. Insert the switch into the Deako Backplate
  • b. Align the blue tab with the slot on the Deako Switch
  • c. While pressing the switch inwards, push in the blue tab

Step 4 of 4

Replace the faceplate

Replace the Deako Faceplate by snapping it onto the backplate.

You're all done!

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If you would prefer a PDF of the installation guide, click here to download it.