Stay Cool this Summer with the Deako Simple Fan Speed Controller

  • Deako’s first ever switch to control more than your lights. 
  • Easily replace your current fan’s switch with the Deako Simple Ceiling Fan Controller without the need for an electrician. 
  • Understand what the Deako Simple Ceiling Fan Controller can do and and how it can add comfort to your home
  • Find out what you need to know before installing a ceiling fan
  • Learn, about what to expect after installing your Simple Ceiling Fan Controller

Prepare for the Summer Sun

With the winter season (finally) coming to an end, it’s time to get ready for warmer days. But don’t sweat it, Deako is here to keep  We are excited to announce that we are launching our newest addition to the Deako system–the Deako Simple Ceiling Fan Controller! 

Homeowners have been requesting since summer 2021, for a Deako switch to control their fans, and we surely listened! Let’s take a look at the Deako Simple Ceiling Fan Controller, the first-ever Deako non-light switch product.

What a Simple Ceiling Fan Controller Can Bring to Your Home

Disguised as a rocker switch, the Deako Simple Ceiling Fan Controller is accompanied with a slide knob, providing you with various speed levels. Enjoy quiet fan control for all three speed settings and say goodbye to having to pull a chain every time you need more, or less, of a breeze.

Where to Place Your Simple Ceiling Fan Controller

We already have some earlier adopters of our newest switch. So we asked them: “Where do you like to use your Deako Simple Ceiling Fan Controller?” 

 We found that many like to use it: 

  • In their kitchen, to keep the smells from cooking from lingering too long
  • In the foyer, so they can walk into their home to a nice and cool entryway
  • In the dining room, to enjoy a steady breeze while entertaining their guests.  

Everyone seems to have their favorite spots for the Deako Simple Ceiling Fan Controller, now it’s time for you to discover your own. 

Your Electrician is Already Installing Your Fan, Make Sure He Doesn’t Need to Do More During His Visit.

Check which rooms are wired for a ceiling fan–if a room you wanted a fan in isn’t wired for one, no biggie. Just have your electrician set up the wiring, backplate, and  faceplate, while he is there setting up your ceiling fan.  Order the  2-switch Quickwire Backplate & Faceplate with Single Pole Simple Rocker switch if your home is currently not wired for a ceiling fan.

You can find the wiring instructions here.

A Quick Guide to Choosing a Ceiling Fan

Follow these tips if you are planning on purchasing a ceiling fan that is compatible with the Deako Simple Fan Speed Controller.  

  1. Decide if you want a fan with lights or without. For fans with lights, make sure the room has a 2-Gang backplate. If you do not want a fan with lights, a 1-Gang backplate is sufficient. 

Not sure? A 2-Gang backplate is what holds two Deako Switches. You will probably want one switch to control your fan and the other to control your lighting. 

  1. Ensure your fan runs on 1.5 Amp or less

Deako Switches have an input voltage of 120 VAC. Your fan’s Amp level should not exceed 1.5 Amps. There are a number of fans on the market that fit this requirement—we have included a few below.

3. Check if it has a 3-speed pull chain

Our fan speed controller has three main speeds, so the fan itself would need to be designed to have 3 speeds as well. 

4. Make sure your lights and fan are wired separately

You’ll need to wire the lights and fan separately, since you will want to control the brightness of your lights, and fan speed, individually.

Want to Know More About the Deako Simple Ceiling Fan Controller ?

Check out the Deako Simple Ceiling Fan Controller Landing Page for more details about the product and where you can order one today! 

If you already purchased one, take a look at our support articles. They can help answer any additional questions regarding setup and configuration, while you wait for your new Deako Fan Speed Controller to arrive. 
Last but not least. If you already have a Deako Simple Ceiling Fan Controller and are enjoying the cool breeze right now, please leave us a review and let us know what you think below. If you have any other questions, just text us at (844) 673-3256


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