Deako Smart Lighting | Builders

Make Your Entire Home Smart Lighting Ready for a Few Hundred Dollars

Step 1:

Take advantage of Deako's Builder Program to showcase a Deako Smart Lighting System in your model home or showroom.

Step 2:

Electrician installs Deako's modular Simple Switches into your homes like regular light switches at Trim phase. No special wiring or set up. Now entire homes are "Smart Lighting Ready".

Step 3:

Offer buyers Smart Lighting Upgrade packages. Upgraded Smart Switches can just click-in in seconds!

Sleek edge-to-edge LED touchscreen displays and screwless faceplates

Future proofed system- expand, upgrade & get over-the-air software updates

Schedules, Timers, Zones, Scenes, plus voice control with Amazon's Alexa or Google Home

No hubs to install. Bluetooth Mesh technology provides better connectivity & coverage


Every Deako Smart Switch is a scene controller. No more "master" switch - We made it simple.


Our switches communicate with Blutooth Mesh. No hub required. Works with both Android & iOS devices.


Control your lights with your voice, using Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

We Invented The Modular Light Switch

Upgrade Package Options


Every switch is a Simple Switch
Upgradable to Smart at any time
Sleek, Minimalist Design


Kitchen, Dining, Island Pendants,
& Porch Lights are all Smart
Scenes & Zones
Works with Google Home & Alexa
Android & iOS App


Full Smart
Every switch is Smart
Enhanced Scenes & Zones (All Off, Whole Floor)
Works with Google Home & Alexa
Android & iOS App

Deako Mobile App

Take a Closer Look

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How we stack up to the competition

DeakoLutron CasetaLeviton WiFiWemoGE Z-WaveLegrand Adorn
Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home*
No hub required for Smartphone Controlxxx
Mesh Network (ubiquitous coverage)xxxx
Every Switch Supports 1 way, 3-way and 4-way Locationsxxxx
Touch Screenxxxx
Limit to number of switches**10,00049353525+***99
Every switch can be a Scene Controller with Up to 3 Scenesxxxxx
Modular (click in upgrades, "futureproof")xxxxx
Internet connection not requiredxxxxx
Upgrade Software for Entire Home System In Under 1 Minute *xxxxx
Remote Assist: Live System Troubleshooting*xxxxx
*Requires “Deako Connect”
**Most common WiFi routers (Netgear, Linksys) limit recommended connected devices to 35. Using Bluetooh Mesh, Deako's theoretical capacity is 10,000 nodes on a system.
***Most installers do not recommend more than 25 Z-wave switches

Want to learn about our builder programs?

Deako is the best option builders have to offer a smart ready option to their buyers.

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