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The only smart lighting company that tells you not to buy smart lighting

Deako was built from the ground up to serve the new construction homes market. With Deako, you pre-wire a whole home for smart lighting and make money when buyers choose to upgrade. Our pricing is designed to offer you the lowest up-front costs possible to maximize your potential profit.

Builders already using Deako

Cater to everyone

Not every homeowner wants smart lighting. With Deako, you can offer every homeowner exactly what they want with optional upgrade packages.


of homeowners

want no smart switches.


of homeowners

want 8-15 smart switches.


of homeowners

want a full home of smart switches.

Made for builders

Install Deako Backplates

Install Deako Backplates into standard junction boxes after trim, just like you would normal light switches.

Install Simple Switches

Click in Deako Simple Switches in seconds.

Market home as ”smart ready”

Offer smart lighting upgrade packages to homeowners for a markup. Anyone can install Deako Smart Switches in seconds - without an electrician.

Modular design

We invented the modular light switch.

Included in every home

Simple Switches are installed throughout the entire home. Homeowners can easily upgrade at any time without assistance.

Offer upgrade packages at a markup

Starter Package
10 Smart Switches
Smart Switches can be moved to any location
Scenes, groups, timers & schedules
Control lights from the Deako App
Voice control
Full Smart Package
All switches are Smart Switches
Smart Switches can be moved to any location
“All off” and “Whole floor” scenes
Scenes, groups, timers & schedules
Control lights from the Deako App
Voice control

Deako plays well with others

What builders are saying about Deako

  • The simplicity of it is what really got me hooked on this thing, and when I brought it back, one of the owners of our business said, what did you bring me?’ I said, ‘You’ve got to see this thing because it’s really awesome, and it’s not really going to make a big difference in our production, but it will make a big difference to the consumer.LOUIS MCKINNEY | DIRECTOR OF SALES & MARKETING | LEXAR HOMES

  • So far people love them. They love the modern, clean lines. They love that it future-proofs their home for lighting automation. And, the ease of installing and upgrading switches as your lifestyle changes without having to call an electrician is extremely appealing.KEN PETERSON | VP OF SALES & MARKETING | SHEA HOMES


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