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Improve your lighting in seconds with simple upgrades that have a big impact.

Smart light switches

Intelligent, plug-n-play switches that allow you to design your lighting to work for you.

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What people are saying about Deako light switches

  • I recommend all Deako smart products. They all serve a purpose and are great products. Each allows for a more simplified living experience. The modular design that allows for quick changing of the basic and smart switches is fantastic. Michael

  • Being able to control the lights with our Google Home makes life so much easier, especially with our kids running around the house and my hands are full. And at the end of the night I can tell it to turn off all the lights in the house without having to run upstairs and turn off all the lights the kids "forgot" to turn off!Jessica

  • Love the timer option for a bathroom fan and the schedule options for outdoor lights.Susan

  • I adjust my lights based on automated routines that I’ve setup using Google Assistant. During the winter time when Seattle weather is dull, Deako helps me get up and ease into my day by slowly adjusting the lighting as I wake up so feels like the sun is rising slowly and steadily even though it’s dark outside.Amazon Customer