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Deako suites

With a variety of Simple and Smart options to choose from, you can customize your lighting experience to reflect what makes sense for your home.

Made to be personalized

Deako’s modular system gives you the freedom to design your lighting for your lifestyle.

Simple suite

Improve your lighting in seconds with simple upgrades that have a big impact.

Smart suite

Intelligent, modular switches that allow you to design your lighting to work for you.

Complete your home

Effortlessly create the perfect lighting experience with Deako

What people are saying about Deako

  • They look seamless in every room - our updated kitchen to our antique fireplace room. I'm really happy with the sleek design and the materials are clearly very high quality.Sybil

  • Deako is my favorite Smart lighting option at the right price!Amazon Customer

  • They are incredibly easy to use and also easy to install. Amazon Customer