Smart Light Switch, Smart Dimmer Switch: Deako Smart Lighting


Beautiful. Personal. Smart Lighting.

Don't Sacrifice Design for Technology

We've made smart lighting that actually looks smart.

Sleek, edge-to-edge, LED touchscreen display and screwless faceplate

Up to 3 custom lighting scenes can be saved to each smart switch

smart lighting

Tap on and off... Scenes are hidden unless engaged

Supports any type of light bulb, fixture or fan

What can Deako Smart Lighting do for you?

Never worry about forgetting to turn off the lights. With schedules and timers you can add routine to your busy life.

We use Bluetooth Mesh instead of WiFi to connect your smart switches. Offering you offline connectivity and broader coverage.

Available for Android and iOS, the Deako Mobile App can be used to control your lights.

Deako integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control of your lighting.


  • "It’s one of the best product in the market that would convert all switches into smart switches and work coherently."

    Terrence Deako Customer
  • "We bought a new house outfitted with Deako already. We love the smart switches and think the overall product design is brilliant! Super easy and intuitive and best of all, you don't need smart bulbs - just the smart switches!"

    Linh Deako Customer
  • "Works like a charm!! The customer service and devices are top notch!!!"

    Chris Deako Customer
  • Love the overall cost of the system in relation to what to what we got for it. Provides a high end lighting experience and high quality design oriented switches at regular consumer prices.

    Dan Deako Customer

Control your lights from anywhere

Secure control access using the Deako Mobile App when you are home or away.

Voice Control

Hands-free lighting control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

All lights at a single touch

Use our touchscreen switch to turn off all the lights when you leave home.
All lights at a single touch
Smart Lighting

Lighting Scenes

Movie time. Dinner time. Bedtime. Set any lighting for an entire room with a single touch.

Save energy when things turn off automatically

Put fans and lights on countdown timers.

home lighting automation
Automatic Room Lighting

Lights turn on while you aren't home

Keep your home safe by creating custom schedules to make it appear as if you are home when you're not.

Easily Upgradable

Our unique modular design allows for safe and easy upgrades or replacements of all our switches.
Smart Lighting

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