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Let homeowners personalize their homes & upgrade to what they want.

It’s a hassle for a homeowner to replace the average light switch, but anyone can change a Deako light switch in seconds.

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Cater to everyone

Not every homeowner wants smart lighting, some just want a simple dimmer switch. With Deako, you can offer every homeowner exactly what they want with optional upgrades before or after the close.


Install Deako Backplates

Install Deako Backplates into standard junction boxes after trim, just like you would normal light switches.

Install Simple Switches

Plug in Deako Simple Rocker Switches in seconds.

Market home as "future-proof"

Deako's modular light switches allow you to offer an entire home pre-wired for upgrades at no extra cost to you.

Future-proof design

We invented the plug-n-play light switch.

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Simple Timer

Save energy and your peace of mind with a switch that turns off on its own.

Best for:
  • Bathroom –  Stop babysitting the bathroom fan or lights. Just choose a 10-, 30-, or 60-min timer and they’ll turn off automatically 
  • Hallways – move safely around the house at night or for a late snack without turning on the lights
  • Attic, Garage, Closets – Install it anywhere you or others in the family tend to forget to turn off the lights

Simple Nightlight

Add a subtle glow to a dark room for added safety and security with this easy-to-find switch.
Best for:
  • Children’s bedroom – ease kids’ worries with a warm LED light that would spook any bogeyman
  • Hallways – move safely around the house at night or for a late snack without turning on the lights
  • Bathrooms – subtle lighting is easy on groggy eyes during late night bathroom trips

Simple Dimmer

Adjust the brightness of your lights and create your desired ambiance with a simple, tactile slide dimmer.

Best for:
  • Dining Room – set the ambiance for a nice meal
  • Bedrooms – wind down with dim lighting before sleep
  • Multi-use spaces – set the tone depending on activity

Smart Switch

The utility player that sets your home up for safety and convenience.

Best for:
  • Outdoor Lights – sunrise/sunset schedule
  • Hallway/Stairs – schedules or timers so you don’t trip in the dark!
  • Kids Rooms – set timers so they don’t get left on.

Smart Dimmer

The luxury choice that combines smart lighting automation with remote and tactile dimming for ultimate control.
Best for:
  • Open concept living/dining/kitchen – you need them everywhere!
  • Bedroom – wind down or wake up gradually with adjustable lighting
  • Master bath – No aggressively bright lights for middle-of-the-night trips

Motion Sensor Switch

The simple switch with smart capabilities, this energy-saving and efficient switch detects motion to trigger lights for simple automation.

Best for:

  • Laundry room – lights come on automatically when hands are full
  • Garage – no fumbling for lights when taking out the garbage
  • Pantry – never forget to turn out the lights after grabbing a snack
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