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Frequently Asked Questions

The Deako Lighting system is typically installed during the construction phase of new-build homes. It consists of three elements. The first is the Deako backplate which an electrician wires into a junction box just like any other light switch. Second is the Deako Simple Rocker Switch, which can easily be switched out by anyone with any other Deako plug-n-play switch. Last, is the screwless faceplate. This lighting system makes it easy for homeowners to personalize their homes with the switches they want.

Deako light switch parts
Deako Lighting in my home

For most homeowners, your entire home will have Simple Rocker switches installed. Many builders also gift a Deako Smart Switch (or perhaps a few!) as well. If you need help identifying your light switches, see the guide below or reach out to our support team.

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The Deako Lighting system is plug-n-play, which means you can easily swap the kind of light switch you have without dealing with wires or hiring help. When the system is installed, the Deako Backplate is wired into a standard junction box and (typically) fitted with a Simple Rocker light switch. Then the Deako Faceplate is snapped in place.

Yes! All future products made by Deako Lighting will be compatible with your Deako backplates (that box that you plug your switch into).

Contact your sales agent or construction manager to verify that a free switch was included with the purchase of your home. If it is, they will be able to drop off or send that gift to you. For instructions on setting up your new Smart Switches, go here.

Buying Deako

Deako makes a variety of simple and smart light switches, which can be found here on our product page.

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If you have a light controlled by 2 or more switches, you’ll want to refer to our buying guide. Our support team can also answer any questions about what you should buy; you can reach them at or by calling 1-844-673-3256 ext 2.

No problem! Deako products have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try any product out in your home and if you don’t love it, we’ll gladly provide a full refund.

You can purchase any Deako light switch by visiting Some Deako Lighting products can also be found on Amazon.

How Deako works

Deako smart devices can be controlled via Bluetooth or WiFi from your phone using the free Deako mobile app and can be integrated with smart home assistants and alarm systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and Deako simple devices do not have these smart capabilities and are controlled only at the switch itself.

The Deako Lighting system provides flexibility as it allows you to personalize light switches based on your lifestyle. You might find having Deako smart light switches very useful in common areas, bedrooms, and on exterior lights, but find that it’s not an investment necessary for spaces like closets, the pantry, or laundry room. Each home is unique because it is crafted to your needs!

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No problem! Deako products have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try any product out in your home and if you don’t love it, we’ll gladly provide a full refund.

You can purchase any Deako light switch by visiting Some Deako Lighting products can also be found on Amazon.

General Questions

Yes, it is normal for Deako switches to feel warm to the touch (even if the light isn’t on). It is also normal for some switches to feel warm but for others to not. This is because the switches might be controlling a different amount of bulbs or a different type of lighting fixture.

A scene sets your lights to a specific state (on, off, or selected dim level). A zone groups your lights so that they can all be turned on or off at once. The key difference is that you can turn a zone on or off but you can only turn a scene on.

Schedules set your lights to turn on or off at specific times of day. A timer turns a light off after a specified time period which starts once the light is turned on.

First, you want to make sure you that when you created your Deako Account, you did so through “Login with Google” and didn’t just make an account with your Gmail. If you don’t remember, feel free to email our support team at with the email and they can check for you.

If you know you created your account through “Login with Google,” trouble often occurs when you are not logged into the desired or target google account in your default browser. You have two troubleshooting options:

  • Option 1: Login to the desired Google account in your default browser and try again in the Deako app.  
  • Option 2: Change default browser to Google Chrome (Android only) and try again in the Deako App. You can change your default browser back after you login with the desired account.

Hang on, cause we’re about to use a whole lot of big words. This is caused by Capacitive/Inductive coupling between energized wiring and travelers or switch legs. Even if the switch is off, enough current can be coupled into the switch leg due to a parallel run with an energized wire. The longer and more proximal the run of parallel wires, the higher the chance you will experience glow due to coupling. If you are encountering this, you might want to contact your electrician and show them this paragraph full of fancy words.

A location permission is required because Bluetooth scans can be used to gather information about your location and the Deako App uses Bluetooth scanning to pair and connect to switches. This information may come from your own devices, as well as Bluetooth beacons in use at locations such as shops and transit facilities.


Simple Dimmer

Adjust the brightness of your lights and create your desired ambiance with a simple, tactile slide dimmer.

Best for:
  • Dining Room – set the ambiance for a nice meal
  • Bedrooms – wind down with dim lighting before sleep
  • Multi-use spaces – set the tone depending on activity

Smart Switch

The utility player that sets your home up for safety and convenience.

Best for:
  • Outdoor Lights – sunrise/sunset schedule
  • Hallway/Stairs – schedules or timers so you don’t trip in the dark!
  • Kids Rooms – set timers so they don’t get left on.

Smart Dimmer

The luxury choice that combines smart lighting automation with remote and tactile dimming for ultimate control.
Best for:
  • Open concept living/dining/kitchen – you need them everywhere!
  • Bedroom – wind down or wake up gradually with adjustable lighting
  • Master bath – No aggressively bright lights for middle-of-the-night trips

Motion Sensor Switch

The simple switch with smart capabilities, this energy-saving and efficient switch detects motion to trigger lights for simple automation.

Best for:

  • Laundry room – lights come on automatically when hands are full
  • Garage – no fumbling for lights when taking out the garbage
  • Pantry – never forget to turn out the lights after grabbing a snack
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