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The Deako base system shown split apart into its three components.

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quick-wire backplates

Keep up with the trends without changing your process

The Deako installation process is no different than any other light switch. Just install the quick-wire stab-in connector backplate, plug in the switch, click on the faceplate and you’re good to go.

Don't change your process

With only two screws and a snap-on faceplate you can quickly move through your installation process.

Why plug-n-play?

Easily install any kind of switch at any time. Installation is the same up front and changes are easy.


  • Linking: Our smart switches and dimmers ship in a single-pole configuration. Linking reconfigures them to work in 3 and 4-way circuits.
  • Pairing: Adding a smart device (switch, smart plug, etc.) to your home in the Deako App.
  • Load: The location in a circuit that is directly wired to the lighting fixture(s) it is controlling.
  • 3-way & 4-way travelers: The blue and yellow wires on the back of the Deako backplate. These wires should be cut flush to the backplate when wiring for single pole.
  • Multi-way: A 3-way or 4-way circuit (a circuit that contains more than one switch).

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